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          Barium sulfate
          Barium Carbonate Granular
          Barium Carbonate Free Flowing
          Barium Carbonate Precipitated(Light)
          Sulphur (Powder or Flake)
          Barium chloride dihydrate
          Barium nitrate
          Mono-hydrate barium hydroxide
          Barium hydroxide • Ctahydrate


      Jianghua chemical plant

      Jianghua chemical plant is the largest production and export base of barium salts in the west of China. With its own material resources of barite, witherite and limestone, Jianghua chemical plant annually produce 40,000 tons of barium sulfate, 40,000 tons of barium carbonate, other barium salts and industrial sulfur. They are well sold in over 20 countries and cities of China, and over 60 countries and regions such as Japan, EU, The Middle East, Southeast Asia and USA, etc. As an I/E licensed company, we are the biggest exporter in our region. Now, we mainly produce 2 types (barium salt and sulfur) and more than 10 kinds of products. Jianghua Chemical plant has set up a sales system around China and world. Located at Jinxingcun in Guanmiao town, Ankang city, Shaanxi province, we enjoy good location for we are next to the car depot of Ankang railway and East station (freight terminal) of Ankang railway, and are only 6km and 5km away from downtown of Ankang city and Ankang railway passenger transport station. Moreover, we also rent goods yard and special lines from Ankang railway station to make transportation easier.

      Jianghua mineral branch

      Jianghua mineral was established in 1998, up to now it has several mines such as barite, natural barium carbonate, coal, limestone, iron ore. we have sold and transported our mineral all over the china through our special railway line.?

      Jianghua City Hotel

      Jianghua city hotel is a new step of jianghua group in tourism field. The hotel located in the center of Ankang city, where has very convenient communication.

      Jianghua city hotel is your best choose for business, travel and relaxation in south of Shaanxi province

      Jianghua Building-material trading co.,ltd.

      Jianghua building-material trading co.,ltd was established in1989 ,dealing with all kinds of steel, cement etc and renting huge building machines. A branch in xi?ˉan city was set up in 2004. As the general agent of Haixin Steel Group and Long steel Group in Shaanxi area, Jianghua building-material trading company has became a main supplier of material in constructing many local mansions and roads.


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